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“Touring Serbia” d.o.o.

Founder: Deutsche Touring GmbH, Frankfurt / Main

Core Business: Public transport of passengers in the line, and off line domestic and international road transport, organization and implementation of all activities and services related to group and individual travel, and initial receptive travel in Republic of Serbia and abroad.

Headquarters of Touring Serbia is situated in Nis, while the currently active branch in Belgrade, Subotica and Paracin are a part of the ramified network of offices in the Republic of Serbia and Europe.

The parent company, the founder and owner of the Touring Serbia is Deutsche Touring GmbH, located in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. Since its inception, more than 60 years, Deutsche Touring is synonymous with quality guarantee bus transport, known and recognized by consistent respect to the highest standards of business, the undisputed European leader with the bus routes in 34 European countries, and over 80 cities in Germany and millions of transported passengers. Touring Serbia is a company created with the aim of experience, achieved the standards and qualities of the German parent company's application on the market of Serbia, unchanged, the same as in Germany and other countries of Western Europe.

Passengers Business Sector of Touring Serbia, is closely specialized in bus routes Serbia-Germany and accompanying the tendency to humanize the world's environment and conditions for environmental activities, gives a special attention to the quality of rolling stock, buses, most of the world-class products that meet European safety standards and quality motor of which require staff to be experienced with the profession of professional drivers that have conviviality, cordiality, and emphasized the cultural dealing with passengers, well known to the Customs regulations and formalities, and to speak foreign languages.

Business Tourism of Touring Serbia has basic activities: Information, reservation and bus, air, railway, ship and ferry tickets for all destinations in Serbia and abroad, organizations and the creation of group and individual travel arrangements, weekend trips, sports and entertainment events , business, study and student travel, organization of charter flights, boat cruises, rent a luxury passenger car or van with driver, airport transfers, tours and sightseeing with expert guides, hotel reservation and rental and private rooms and suites, most sales of tourist packages in the world as a subagent of large multinational tour operators, etc..

Strategic orientation of Touring Serbia is to be well informed, to keep up with events, to constantly introduce new and better solutions to business, to be consistent with a highly standardized market demands and customers, the maximum professional, committed to the job and always responsible to the users of our services . Our goal is to develop a specific, recognizable identity, not to be one of the many vendors of others products without any obligation, but to offer our customers a completely new, unique way to work, careful communication, regular quality control of our services with special respect of customers suggestions and complaints, and full responsibility for everything we promised and offered.

We hope that you recognize in these activities and plans of touring Serbia your interest, because we need a support of all potential users of our services in the fight for the preservation of high standards.

Our success will always be measured solely on customer satisfaction.

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