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Bus to Ulm

The city on the Danube River is located in southern Germany, at the edge of the Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb), a low mountain range. Historical heritage sites can be seen on every corner telling the exciting story of the former imperial city. The Ulmer Münster Cathedral with the highest church tower in the world is a special highlight. The tower, by its height of 161 m, offers a fascinating view of the birthplace of Albert Einstein. The city hall or the so-called Schwörhaus (Oath House) built in 1370, which is the venue of an annual ceremony of taking oath of citizens and the Mayor, is also worth seeing.

Contemporary buildings, such as the city library built in the form of a “glass pyramid”, provide a fascinating contrast to the bustling city centre. In particular, Hirschstraße Street belongs to the most famous shopping destinations. However, idyllic parks, such as the Botanical Garden or the art path in the territory of the University of Ulm, afford pleasant hours of recreation. Renowned and young artists present here about 60 works of modernism around the wide round path. Travel inexpensively, quickly and safely to the remarkable Ulm by the comfortable buses of Deutsche Touring.

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